When power washing siding is acceptable


However, some professionals will reduce the pressure and aim the flow of water downward, where there is less chance of getting water behind the siding.


World’s thinnest home a must-see


His unspacious home is being built in the crack between two buildings in Warsaw, Poland. It's widest point is 52 inches – that's barely more than 4 feet. At its thinnest point, the structure measures just 28 inches wide. The two-level home includes a bedroom, bathroom, living room and kitchen. It is expected to be completed this December and will total approximately 156 square feet.

Out Of Economic Chaos, A New Order May Be Rising


Every week it seems there are more people looking for work, more companies laying people off, and more nations teetering at the edge of unrecoverable debt. But beyond the latest headlines of gloom, there is a fundamental shift going on in our economy and our world. Host Scott Simon talks with Mike Hawley, formerly of MIT's Media Lab, who says that shift may also hold great promise.