20 Ways to Add Value to Your Home


Experts share their brightest ideas for adding value to your home.


Making little lifestyle changes will do a lot to enhance sustainability for the planet?and make every day Earth Day


Sustainable living is an umbrella term that covers many different ideas and programs. It can be as simple as recycling and using less water or as complex as changing state and federal policies to promote wind and solar power and high-speed rail transportation. Local planning commissions can promote sustainability by allowing higher density housing that uses less land.

To Buy or Rent ? Now’s the Time to Follow the American Dream


When the housing bubble burst in 2006, the cost of buying a house was considerably higher than renting that same house in most areas. Today, the opposite is true in many states, particularly those hit hardest in the housing crash—namely Arizona, California, Florida and Nevada and right behind them, Illinois, New York and New Jersey.